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How can you go about creating a brand for your business? Your website can look stunning, but your copy needs to speak to your target audience.
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In a world of selfies and botox you’d be forgiven to thinking that all anyone cares about these days is appearance. But you’d be wrong. Your website and adverts can look stunning, but if your copy doesn’t speak to your target audience in their language and doesn’t engage them, it was a wasted investment in design.

But how can you go about creating a brand for your business? You may think you already have one – you’ve got a logo and brand font after all haven’t you? But a brand is so much more than that. Wikipedia says…

“A brand is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers.”

It’s about what you look like, sure, but it’s also about who you are as a business, what you stand for, how you talk to your audience (both in terms of tone of voice and channels selected) and what you say that create loyalty and customer engagement.

OK, so now you know you need a personality but how do you create one? Fret not, take a look at the three steps to creating a brand personality below to get the juices flowing…

Get to know your Ideal Customer

Don’t just categorise your customer by their age group, gender or interests, instead refine them down to a single persona – your Ideal Customer. Then really get to know them as you would a friend. Only then will you be able to understand and predict their behaviour and talk to them in the right way. You may find you have more than one distinct persona you’re marketing to – if so, just repeat the same exercise and target your communications to these personas accordingly.

Tap into your quirks

What makes you, you? With small businesses it’s often your personality that keeps your customers coming back for more as you have the chance to develop a real connection. So, get acquainted with your quirks, bottle your essence and put it into everything you do.

Create a tone of voice

The outcomes of step one and two will help you to figure out what your brand’s tone of voice should be. So, for instance, if your Ideal Customer is a 25-year-old gamer called Chris your tone of voice should be informal but factual and straight to the point. If you like making people laugh, try and bring your sense of humour to what you write but bear in mind who will be reading it and tailor it accordingly.

The main thing to remember when applying your brand’s personality is consistency. At every touchpoint and across every channel your tone of voice should remain the same, so make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with and can stick to before you start using it.   

Before you get stuck into creating your marketing materials, make sure you’ve got your brand’s personality down. Know it, live it, breathe it. And if you’re struggling, get in touch and I can help you tell your story.

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